Roof Replacement Due to Storm Damage


In the Triad area it is not uncommon to have wind and hail damage affect your property. Oftentimes property owners have damage to their roofs that has voided their shingle warranty and they do not even know it.  Spotting hail damage on a roof not only requires a trained eye but requires walking all over the roof which is dangerous and impractical for the average homeowner. Here at RightWay Roofing and Restoration we understand that and want to help. We offer free roof inspections and storm damage assessments and can take pictures and video of your rooftop showing you exactly what type of damage it has, if any.

Hail damage to roof

Get a free inspection

Many homeowners assume that since they have not seen a hailstorm at their house in recent years that they do not have damage to their roof. Often times hail storms last only 5 to 10 minutes and can happen while homeowners are at work or away from their home. For those that don’t have hail damage there is often wind damage to the roof due to the Triad’s high winds and storms in the summertime. This wind causes creased shingles that eventually break off and land in the yard. Once this happens you have opened your home to the elements and serious damage could take place to your home’s structure and interior.

Wind damage to roof

Won’t my insurance go up?……..NO!

Lots of homeowners refrain from having their insurance replace their roof because they are worried that their premiums will go up. This is simply not the case. Unlike Car Insurance homeowner’s insurance does not go up each time you file a claim. In North Carolina it is against the law to raise an individual’s premiums due to an “Act of God.”

The Claims Process

  1.  The first step to an insurance replacement is getting an inspection and making sure that you do have legitimate storm damage. We offer completely free inspections
  2. Once we determine there is enough damage on your roof to get your insurance company to replace it, we call in and set up a meeting with an adjuster.
  3. The adjuster meets us at the house and we walk the roof together and show him the damage that we documented so that he can get pictures for your insurance company.
  4. Once this is done, the adjuster will write an estimate for the the roof replacement and we will agree to this price.
  5. Your adjuster will cut you a check for part of the roof and we can begin the job.
  6. We install your roof and send in documentation to the insurance company
  7. They issue final payment.