Roofing Projects in Greensboro

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Roofing Ideas For Spring Projects in Greensboro

Maybe this spring you have plans to do some work around the exterior of your Greensboro home. Possibly you have landscaping ideas or something to make the exterior more enjoyable and livable.  Just as you would with any DIY projects in Greensboro, you most likey will look online for local inspiration. Because we are knowingly providing this article for inspiration, It seems best to jump right in and throw some ideas out there.

Outdoor Covered Living

Have you considered possibly building out designing a covered patio or pergola to enjoy the North Carolina summer that is almost upon us? There are several ways that your home’s exterior can be improved with a small amount of construction and some roofing to shed the elements. Greensboro and surrounding areas have the perfect climate to enjoy these outdoor sitting areas for a large portion of the year as well. This means that thesetexterior projects in Greensboro are going to most likely pay off well since they can be used most of the year. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want and great outdoor space to use three seasons the year.

Outdoor Living projects in Greensboro North Carolina. Covered patio ideas.

Benefits of outdoor living as your next project

  • Protection from the elements
  • Add Beauty to your home
  • Place to entertain guests and have meals
  • Great for poolside areas are large backyards
  • Add value to your home
  • Helps get you out of the house more often

Types of Outdoor Living Spaces

Some ideas are simple and some elegant and extravagant but regardless of the size and extravagance, there will most likey be an idea for outdoor living that will fit your budget.

Covered Porch Projects in Greensboro

These can range anywhere from a simple extended roof to give more covered space outside your home to huge covered living areas with kitchens and entertainment centers. Usually this can be a way to designed these projects on a budget as well though considering the roof is held up by the home instead of a free standing structure.

Pergola projects in Greensboro

Pergola Projects in Greensboro

On the lesser end of the budget scale, a Pergola project can add some appeal to the exterior of your home all while not breaking the bank. Since pergola do not have to support a real shingle roof, they can be built out of lighter materials and framing which usually will save a good bit on overall cost. Just because they are less complicated and cheaper to build does not make them any less less attractive. These structures are often key in blocking the afternoon sun so that outdoor areas can be enjoyed comfortably. Just as this is an option that can be affordable,  there are also options that are luxurious and pricey.

Luxury Outdoor Projects

On on this end of the spectrum, outdoor living areas can be quite extravagant including full kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and complete entertainment centers. Oftentimes a project like this will have lots of masonry work and the covered area is meant to impress, including large exposed timbers or highly finished tongue and groove in the ceilings.


Whether you’re outdoor project in Greensboro and surrounding areas ends up being on the luxury side or the budget side, we would be glad to help. Keep us in mind this spring if you find yourself considering building something to enhance outdoor living. We are always glad to help and provide all all estimates and consultation free of charge. Call us today for ideas on roofing and a free quote or consultation.

Covered patios and Outdoor Living projects in Greensboro



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