Time for Spring Roof Inspections on Your Greensboro Home

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Another winter is passing and spring is in bloom. This is that crucial time for getting your roof inspected before summer. Once summer weather unleashes its thunderstorms, it will be too late to repair without damage. We offer 100% free inspections, estmates, and storm damage assessments. We also offer our insurance claims assistance free of charge with no obligation to our company.

rotted pipe flashing in Greensboro, NC

Pipe Boots

Get those pipe boots replaced before the stormy season arrives. Most Greensboro homes are equipped with cheap rubber pipe boots that only hold up for a fraction of the roof’s lifespan. Let one of the techs from Right Way Roofing and Restoration inspect your homes pipe flashings/boots and make sure  they are not compromised.

Shingle repair Greensboro

Missing Shingles

If your Greensboro, NC home has missing shingle tabs, it is very likely that you will experience leaking during the rainy season. Let one of our field reps give you a free quote on replacing the missing tabs or even getting an insurance reimbursement for a new roof if the wind damage is severe enough. We will gladly  walk you through the process of filing an insurance claim and getting your home outfitted with a new roof at no cost. If the damage is not widespread enough for a roof replacement, we can repair your missing shingles for a price that cannot be beat.


Even if their is no visible damage to your roof or home, it does not hurt to take advantage of a free inspection for peace of mind. Our reps are friendly and can work around your schedule to take a look at your roof.

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