Hail damage in Greensboro

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Hail damage on Greensboro roof

Over the past few years, Greensboro residents have suffered some of the worst hail storms in recent history. Oftentimes hail storms are overlooked due to the fact that they are short-lived and happen while people are not around such as during the workday or at night when people are asleep. What people don’t realize is that hail does severe damage to your asphalt shingle roof. Even small hail such as 1 inch in diameter can cause destruction to your roof, gutters, windows, siding, and more. The problem with roof damage caused by hail is that it is hard to see. This causes homeowners to think that they have no damage when they may very likely have damage that is quite significant and will cause many problems in years to come.  The good news is that this type of storm damage is covered under most people’s homeowners insurance.

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Insurance Claims

If your home has significant hail damage or other types of storm damage, it is not a bad thing to file an insurance claim. I’ve heard many Greensboro homeowners that are very reluctant to put a claim on their insurance when in reality there is legitimate damage to their home that should be covered. The one thing you want to be careful about is filing a claim on a roof that does not have enough damage. This is a waste of the insurance adjuster’s time and of your time. The easy way around this is to call a roofing company that offers free storm damage assessments and allow them to do a prior inspection of the roof to prequalify it for an insurance claim.

Won’t my rates go up?

If there was a severe hail storm in your area there is a good chance your rates will go up but this does not have anything to do with your individual claim. In North Carolina it is illegal to raise a single individuals rates based on a claim of natural causes. Instead the underwriters base an area’s rates on the risk of that particular neighborhood. Basically this means if all of your neighbors are getting roof your rates are going to go up regardless so you might as well file a claim and get your roof replaced as well.

Will they drop my insurance?

I have been filing claims on storm damaged residences in North Carolina for nearly 10 years and I’ve only seen one person have their insurance dropped. This occasion was actually due to the fact that the homeowner had filed three claims in the past year previous to our roof claim. Most large companies will not pay any attention to a roof claim since it is actually a small amount of money compared to the amounts that a catastrophe loss could be. Generally your insurance company is very apologetic and wants to make sure that you are okay and assures you that you were home will be fixed back the way it was. Some small companies may drop you if you file too many claims but they will generally warn you before you proceed because they would rather keep you on as a client.

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