Gutter Repair vs Gutter Replacement

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Have you been thinking about possibly replacing your gutter system on your home but wondered if it could be repaired to save some money? You are not the only one pondering this question. There are many times that people have problems with their guttering systems and may need a repair or slight fix and there are also times when the guttering system is beyond repair and a gutter replacement is much more necessary. Determining which one of these categories you fall into is the tricky part. If your gutters are completely shot it may be easy enough to determine you need a new gutter installation done on your home and if it is a simple fix such as a loose downspout or something similar it is easy enough to determine that a gutter repair is all that is needed. What about all of those situations in between though? At what point do you go from a repair to a replacement? These are some of the questions I will try to help you answer today

What is the reason for considering gutter repair?

Are you considering this repair because of the functionality of your gutters or is this project completely aesthetic? These are some of the things you will have to begin to ask yourself before deciding whether to repair or replace your gutter system.

Function vs. Aesthetics

If the reason for your repair is for the functionality of shedding water away from your home and keeping your foundation safe you may have a legitimate reason not to replace the full gutter system. This will depend on how many parts of your system are failing. Oftentimes I see old gutters that are totally corroded through with holes through them and that is an obvious replacement job. But what about the gutter that has a hole in it. It is quite possible to replace a small length of gutter in that section if the rest of your gutter system is in good shape. Possibly you have a couple of downspouts that are leaking or some corner sections that are leaking water. These would be very good times to look into possibly pricing a simple gutter repair fix. I also would recommend thinking about any changes you would want to make to your gutter system. Is it properly delivering all the water it should in all of the places that it should? Does it need an extra downspout or oversized downspouts which are usually standard on new gutters? Are your current gutter the old style with the giant aluminum pins nailed into the fascia or do they have the current bracket setup which works much better? All things to consider.

When it comes down to asthetics, the only thing that can be done besides replacing the guttering system is cleaning or painting them. Since painting does not leave the lustrous shine of a new gutter and is nearly as expensive and time-consuming as replacement, I would say go ahead and replace the gutters. If it is just a little bit of black mildew that will come off with a little bleach it a pressure washer you may be able to clean them to yourself or make sure and have them washed the next time you were having your siding washed. All of these things that we consider when making this decision lead us up to my next point which is cost.

Cost to repair gutters vs. replace gutters

This is a big one! When deciding if a gutter system should be replaced or repaired, you must consider the difference in cost. If a gutter repair is going to cost nearly as much as a full gutter replacement, I would definitely go ahead with the new gutters instead of repairing old ones. Doing a small repair is going to be much cheaper than replacing all the gutters, but if you have many repairs or as I mentioned earlier, need an extra downspout here and there, it can get quite pricey. One piece of advice I can definitely give you is to shop around. As a contractor who does gutter repair and installation in Greensboro North Carolina I can tell you that prices vary to both extremes and finding the right company that will give you the right price makes a huge difference. Oftentimes a good roofing company or siding company offer gutter replacement and repair.Hopefully this has been helpful and your quest to get the gutter system you want on your home.

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