5 Ways to Tell if Your Roof is Worn Out

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5 signs of worn out roof

5 signs of worn out roof

Is your shingle roof getting some years on it and you’re just not quite sure if it is time to replace? You are not alone. Here are some common signs that your roof is finally ready to replace.

1. Missing shingles

As your roof gets old and the Sun causes brittle shingles to release from the tar strip that hold them down, wind will cause the loose tabs to break off. Once this has began, it may be a good sign that the roof is approaching the end of its life.

2. Curling shingles

After many years of sitting in the sun shingles will begin to call on the edges. When it begins to happen it is a good sign that the roof is on its last leg.

3. Leaks

Roof leaks do not necessarily mean that it is time to replace your shingles but this is a good sign that something is wrong and it could indicate roof that is past its prime.

4. Missing granules

Heat and Sun are a roofs worst enemies. Very small sand-like granules make up the top layer of an asphalt shingle. These granules are to protect the shingle’s tar and fiberglass structure from the Sun’s damaging UV rays. Heat caused from years of sunshine or improper attic ventilation will cause the granules to wash away. A sure sign of this is large amounts of granules in your gutter.

5. Streaks and discoloration

As a roof gets old the shingle’s built in antimicrobial protection Fades away and mildew streaks began to shout on the rooftop. Any proof showing signs of streaking is getting old enough that it may be time for a replacement. On the southern facing slope, the roof will generally fade from the sun’s rays. If the northern facing side is leaking and the southern side is faded it is probably time for a new roof


If you have some of these signs showing on your roof or if you are still not sure, call a professional roofer and get it inspected. I recommend doing this every couple years anyways just to maintain a roof. Most roofing companies will give free inspections and estimates. Take advantage of this and get a professional’s opinion periodically.


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