3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Gutter Contractor Rather Than Installing Your Own Gutters

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Seamless metal gutter installation

Seamless metal gutter installation

3 reasons to hire a professional gutter contractor

Many homeowners decide to equip their home with a metal gutter system to keep rain water from pouring own the walls of their house and their home’so foundation. Unfortunately they often times decide to install preformed gutters themselves rather than hiring a professional gutter contractor. In this article we will outline three reasons to have a professional gutter contractor install the rain gutters on your home.

1. Avoid Seams

One reason that DIY gutters are a problem is the fact that they are purchased in ready-made pieces. These sections are generally 10 feet long and have to be assembled with a joiner which creates a seam every 10 feet. These seams are a place for the gutters to develop leaks in the future. When having custom gutters installed by a professional, a special machine is used to make custom seamless gutters for each length of guttering. This helps avoid the extra seams and also makes for a nicer looking gutter system.

2. Flimsy Materials

When installing DIY gutters, the lengths of pre-made guttering are often made from a very thin grade of aluminum. This causes the gutters to be very flimsy and more prone to crushing under the weight of ladders or weight of water if clogged in the future. When professionals install seamless metal gutters, they generally use a heavier gauge aluminum which makes for a much sturdier gutter system.

3. Color Choices

When installing pre-fabricated gutter systems, they generally are only offered in white and cream color choices. If a professional gutter installer is used, they usually have a large selection of metal colors that you can choose from.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that professionals use stronger and sturdier aluminum metal in installing gutters. My husband was suggesting that we work on the gutters ourselves, but personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Thanks to your article, I have proof that it’s better to have someone to do the job for us. I’ll make sure to let my husband know about this. http://alakairaingutters.com/home

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