Proper Roof Maintenance

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Many homeowners get a new roof and assume that it is carefree for the next 25 – 30 years. After all, that’s what the warranty says right. Unfortunately that is not the case. Most shingle companies require periodic maintenance and repairs in order for the warranty to be active. This means getting inspections every couple of years and repairing any damage or small problems.

Roof repairs and maintenance in Greensboro

Roof Inspection Frequency

You may be wondering how often you should have your roof inspected. We recommend every 2 years but you should not go longer than 3 years between roof inspections.  Inspections should be done by a professional roofer and always should have some sort of documentation from the roofer. For example, our company generally sends an email with pictures and notes on the inspection along with our validation that the roof is in good working order.

Types of Maintenance for Roofs

On most newer roofs we rarely find anything wrong. As the roof begins to age further, there are several things that can require maintenance some of those are as follows:

  • Nail pop repairs
  • Sealant on tabs that have broken the seal and are no longer glued down
  • Minor flashing repairs and sealant
  • Replacement of dry rotted pipe boots
  • Etc……..

Greensboro roof repairs

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